June 15, 2018: Psychedelic Neoliberal Whimsy

Transit reporters don’t go on vacation, we merely explore other transit systems. Anyways, I’m doing that this week, so I asked Deadspin editor and friend of the newsletter David Roth to write something for you. I’ll be back next week. Enjoy! There is something just and also something sad in the fact Aaron was not here to read the single most ridiculous story that has yet been written about New York City’s subway system. I should probably mention here that Aaron is fine—he is not gone, he is just in the United Kingdom, where he is enjoying various beige foodstuffs and mostly staying the hell offline; I am pretty sure he is fine, give or take the usual beige-foodstuff malaise that afflicts travelers in those parts. Aaron is, at least in the sense that he has not read Peter Wayner’s article “The New York City Subway Is Beyond Repair,” which ran on The Atlantic’s website on Sunday, In A Better Place.

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