A note to Signal Problems readers

Almost one year ago, I created Signal Problems to help keep New Yorkers informed about what the hell is going on with the subway. I’m thrilled by the daily notes from readers telling me how much they appreciate the newsletter. I want to keep Signal Problems going. But I need your help.

Starting today, you can support Signal Problems by signing up for a paid subscription. For $5/month or $50/year, paid subscribers will:

  • Receive at least 25 special editions of Signal Problems per year. That’s 50 percent more Signal Problems (the newsletter, not the subway delay), drilling deeper into what ails the subway and how to fix it. Some special editions will cover current events, similar to the Amazon HQ2 Special Edition. But others might be Q&As with interesting people, investigative projects, etc.

  • Help keep Signal Problems ad-free. I’m not a salesman. Paid members make sure I spend my time doing what I do best: reporting and writing.

  • Be able to comment on all posts.

The Friday editions of Signal Problems will remain free. My hope is if you enjoy those Friday editions, for about the cost of a fancy coffee per month, you’ll consider supporting the newsletter.

Writing Signal Problems, interacting with readers, and sharing your Dog In A Bag photos has been the most fulfilling undertaking of my career. I don’t merely want to keep it going. I want to make it better. But I need your help to do that.

Thanks for reading as always,

Aaron Gordon, transportation reporter and founder of Signal Problems